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Health and Safety

The GEM Group of companies considers the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and the community to be a priority and we strive to ensure our workplaces are free from injuries, accidents and harm.

Management of the GEM Group are totally committed and responsible for the effective implementation of its CCF endorsed and certified Health and Safety system. In fulfilling this responsibility, management acknowledges that there should be zero tolerance for processes and practices that put the health and safety of our workers, contractors or visitors to our sites at risks.

By instilling a ‘safe work’ culture in its workforce, the GEM Group aims to ensure all potential hazard and risks are appropriately identified, and strategies are in place to reduce the likelihood of incidents and injury. By providing safe plant and systems of work, information and training for all its employees as well as constant review and improvement of all its procedures, management seeks to ensure that the GEM Group is a safe and respected environment in which to work.

Health and Safety Management AS 4801 AS/NZS 4804.
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